Bula keeps track of the continually changing laws and complex regulations that are critical to the practice of pharmacy.

Rapidly changing statutes, regulations and policies can place a business at risk for noncompliance, large fines, and the loss of customer trust. Bula helps pharmacy-related businesses stay ahead of the industry’s changes so they can evaluate and manage risk quickly and effectively.

How does Bula do it?  Bula has a dedicated team of lawyers, paralegals and policy analysts that are continually monitoring the regulations, bills and policies that impact the practice of pharmacy. Bula does this by checking each state, D.C., and federal a minimum of once a week. Once a proposed law becomes “critical”, it is reviewed daily so that Bula can alert its clients when it is passed. The process is both proactive and retroactive.

  • Proactive: Policy analysts check the legislative website, administrative register and other relevant sources (e.g., Board of Pharmacy website to obtain meeting Agendas and subregulatory policies/guidance). They complete keyword searches and a summary review of all newly added bills, regulations, etc. By doing this weekly, they are able to pick up bills that may have been amended to now impact pharmacy.

  • Retroactive: Once a law is identified, it is checked for movement.