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Are you confident that your pharmacies are in compliance with the spirit of the law according to the various Boards of pharmacy? The only way you can really know is to have an inspector come into each and every one of your pharmacies and do a complete audit.

Obviously, nobody wants that.  It takes too much time (and money) away from operating your pharmacy. And, the “spirit” differs by each inspector.

Want another way to know what the Boards are expecting? The next best plan is to send one of your trusted employees who knows all of the nuances about the laws to attend each meeting and provide you with a report of what happened - or use Bula’s The Board Reporter.


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Facts to consider:


(50 states + District of Columbia)


Number of FTEs needed to travel to and attend all board meetings


510 days of in-person full-board
meeting days per year


Employee salary, benefits and travel costs to send a representative to each of these meetings


Total average number of hours per year in Board of Pharmacy meetings


The cost of defending a single Board allegation that one of your pharmacies is not legally compliant

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