Synopsis Views


This shows the quick Synopsis Report for each FAQ selected.

The Synopsis Report lists the questions down the left side of the screen, and the selected states across the top. Note that since there are more questions than can fit on the screen, the system puts a scroll bar on the right that allows you to move up and down to see more questions.

Similarly, since you selected more states than can fit across the top, there is a scroll bar along the bottom that you can move to see more states.


The Synopsis Report shows the short answer to each question.

To view the Detailed Answer for any FAQ, click the Details link. Bula displays the full answer to that question.

For this example, let’s imagine that you click the link for question 1 for the state of Arizona. The following screen would display (in a separate browser window):


This Detailed Answer gives the citation for the applicable statutes, regulations and policies. It also contains links to Bula’s State Law Database where you can view the statute or regulation directly. After you have viewed the data that you need, you can close the window or windows containing the detailed answers or the Summary Report matrix; BulaLaw returns you to the Module Report Options screen for the selected module.