1 Year Subscription: Three Comprehensive USP <800> Policies & Procedures Templates


1 Year Subscription: Three Comprehensive USP <800> Policies & Procedures Templates


USP <800> will become effective on December 1, 2019. The time to prepare for compliance is now.

Bula helps you prepare to maintain compliance by offering the following three USP 800 Policies and Procedures templates:

  1. Hazardous Drug Handling – General Pharmacy / No Compounding

  2. Hazardous Drug Handling – NonSterile Compounding Pharmacy

  3. Hazardous Drug Handling – Sterile Compounding Pharmacy

By making this purchase, you are subscribing to these three documents. This includes the option to request them at any time (including any updates) within 12 months from date of purchase by contacting Bula. Please note: You may not subscribe to only one or two document(s) - all three are included in the subscription.

Note: The $895 price is per pharmacy permit (or facility location for organizations other than pharmacies). Your purchase will not be finalized and you will not receive access to the USP 800 documents until we have verified and confirmed your organization’s size and market.

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The importance of these templates

Written policies and procedures are a must for well-managed organizations and the implementation of good business practices – including maintaining legal compliance. Now Bula clients can complete their manual that documents their procedures, outlines their business requirements, helps them comply with legal requirements, and clarifies expectations with these NEW USP 800 templates.

This templates are reviewed and updated annually. Due to the dynamic nature of the pharmacy industry, changes may require Bula to make modifications between annual update cycles. This template and all others in this manual, are designed to comply with federal law however, some states may have requirements that differ from federal law. We advise consulting a local attorney familiar with your state’s laws to determine if any changes are required to meet state-specific laws.