Bula provides a timesaving new way to help clients publish policies and procedures for their pharmacy.

Written policies and procedures are a must for well-managed pharmacies and the implementation of good business practices. Now clients can create a personalized manual that documents their procedures, outlines their business requirements, helps them comply with legal requirements, clarifies expectations and reduces new-hire orientation and training time. Track revisions, approvals and corresponding updates for better accountability.

Bula's Policies & Procedures Template helps clients quickly develop their manual by selecting from pre-written comprehensive policies, procedures and forms created by the Bula team.

Clients can create a personalized Policy and Procedure Manual in three easy steps.

  1. Review the online content for the topics you want to include.

  2. Select and download the pre-written text, revise any content, or write your own. Then save for easy updating.

  3. Your customized policy and procedure manual is ready to publish for your organization.

To see the index of the policy and procedure templates, click here.