Bula's state-specific Immunization Collaborative Practice Agreement Templates for pharmacies help clients quickly develop their businesses by utilizing these pre-written policies, procedures and forms created by the Bula team.

An Immunization Collaborative Practice Agreement is a document, signed by a certified physician, authorizing a pharmacy to provide specific vaccines to patients without individual prescriptions. These Immunization CPA Templates can be used to execute an appropriate agreement with a collaborating physician, as required by the laws in your state. 

Laws for CPAs vary by state.

These Immunization CPA Templates provide pharmacies with state-specific, physician-readyCPAs, which allow certified pharmacists to administer vaccines without individual prescriptions in your state. The Templates provide pharmacies with a quick and convenient way to secure their CPA to administer vaccines in their store.

Coverage: The Immunization CPA Templates cover all vaccinations and patient populations currently authorized for pharmacist-administered vaccines in your state. 

*Providing that you do not make any substantive changes to the template provided, Bula represents and warrants that the Template is in compliance with state laws and regulations.


  • Comprehensive
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The Immunization Collaborative Practice Agreement shall affirm that, other than one representation provided by Bula, Bula will not make any representations of warranties, and has no responsibility or liability for the quality, reliability, or content of the Template Agreements. We advise consulting a local attorney familiar with your state’s laws to determine if any changes are required to update the document in order to meet your state’s laws.