Automated Reports

Clients can easily customize a report for legislative and regulatory pharmacy updates that will be automatically sent to them on their desired schedule via email — whether that be daily, weekly, or monthly. Clients get the reports they want when they want them. Because clients control when their reports are delivered, their inbox won't be inundated with emails.

These legislative and regulatory reports lend themselves to further analysis, which can show clients opportunities for growth and more.

Legislative Tracking

Bula keeps track of the continually changing laws and complex regulations that are critical to the practice of pharmacy.

Rapidly changing pharmacy statutes, regulations and policies can place a business at risk for noncompliance, large fines, and the loss of customer trust. Bula helps pharmacy-related businesses stay ahead of the industry’s changes so they can evaluate and manage risk quickly and effectively.

Current  Laws

Clients can search the pharmacy statutes, regulations, subregulatory guidance, newsletters, and minutes in all their jurisdictionsBula's team includes experts in tracking legislation, rules, and policies in all 50 states, D.C. and federal. The team searches for the information and tailors it to meet the specific needs of clients' businesses. Bula's searchable database is easy to use, simple to understand, and always up-to-date.

FAQs by Topic and State

Bula's FAQs include the most frequently asked pharmacy law questions and answers, so clients can quickly and easily access the data they need. Clients are able to search the database for their subscribed FAQs in all of their jurisdictions.

Policy and Procedures Templates

Written policies and procedures are a must for well-managed pharmacies and the implementation of good business practices. Now clients can create a personalized manual that documents their pharmacy procedures, outlines their business requirements, helps them comply with legal requirements, clarifies expectations and reduces new-hire orientation and training time.

Bula's Policies and Procedures Template helps clients quickly develop their manual by selecting from pre-written policies, procedures and forms for pharmacies created by the Bula team.

Immunization  and General Collaborative Practice Agreement Templates

Bula's state-specific Immunization and General Collaborative Practice Agreement Templates for pharmacies help clients quickly develop their businesses by utilizing these pre-written policies, procedures and forms created by the Bula team.

These state-specific CPA Templates allow certified pharmacists to administer vaccines without individual prescriptions in your state and provide services to patients without individual prescriptions. The Templates provide pharmacies with a quick and convenient way to secure their CPA.

Custom Research

If clients have specific questions that are not in the database and require unique research, Bula will deploy its attorneys and policy analysts to conduct research to answer the questions for specific states, all 50 states, D.C., and/or federal — depending on your needs.


It's important for businesses in pharmacy to show that they have been given accreditation by an industry association for various reasons, including eliciting trust from consumers, demonstrating the following of best practices and a commitment to meeting the highest industry standards, and working to protect public health. Bula can be part of a client's proactive attempt to maintain compliance with state and federal regulations, which is one vital factor in attaining accreditation.