This page includes:

  1. An overview

  2. A video tutorial specific to Health Mart

  3. Login instructions

  4. Other helpful information for Health Mart users

As a Health Mart member you automatically gain access to Bula, an online database and solutions platform for pharmacy compliance.

Bula is a software solution that empowers clients by delivering simplified intelligence in an accurate, timely and meaningful manner. It tracks pharmacy bills, regulations, sub-regulations, rules and policies in all 50 states, D.C. and federal. Bula helps clients stay current in a simple and effective way, so they can effectively anticipate and navigate changes in regulation, evaluate and manage risk, stay in compliance, avoid large fines, and preserve customer trust. Bula: Evolving compliance from obligation to opportunity.

For an overview of Bula’s services and tools, including Policies and Procedures, visit the Solutions Overview Page.

Watch the pre-recorded walk-through of Bula for Health Mart members:

How-to Log Into Bula as a Health Mart Member:

  1. Visit the login page and use your Health Mart User ID (email) and password.

  2. Click “Operations” in the left hand panel.

  3. Click “Bula Intelligence” in the menu.

  4. Click the blue “OK” button, accepting that you are leaving and going to Bula platform.

  5. You will then arrive at the Bula dashboard.


  1. As a Health Mart member, you cannot log into Bula via the Bula login page. You must access Bula via your dashboard.

  2. You do not have Bula-specific login credentials, and cannot change your email address or password with Bula.

  3. To change the email address to which you receive email reports and alerts from Bula, you must contact Health Mart Support to update the email address on your membership record.

  4. See the Help Center for more step-by-step instructions.