In the News: May 4, 2018


Here are some of the top pharmacy articles from around the web this past week!

"The General Assembly lifted the so-called pharmacy gag rule, which means pharmacists can now talk to customers about cheaper options to buy prescription drugs."

"RALEIGH — Thousands of North Carolina doctors are breaking a new state law that limits opioid prescriptions for patients using the addictive drugs for the first time ..."

"ANNAPOLIS, MD – A Baltimore man who ran a Glen Burnie pill mill was convicted this week on 21 charges, including violating Maryland's drug kingpin statute, prosecutors say. An Anne Arundel County judge found Tormarco Harris, 32, of Baltimore, guilty on all counts for his role in a medical practice that authorities say over-prescribed addictive narcotics that contributed to the area's opioid epidemic."

"Louisiana is preparing to launch its medical marijuana program later this year, although concerns persist about its long-term viability because of current limits on the number of MMJ products and treatable conditions, among other factors."

"WASHINGTON — The commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, Scott Gottlieb, on Thursday suggested that a key federal law on kickbacks could be reinterpreted by the government to help rein in the prices of prescription drugs." 

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