• Cool People

    "Cool People" is a fun look at many of the people we know in the industry - a look at their pastimes and personal interests and their histories. We are surrounded by Cool People every day and often overlook them, or at least their personal side. Each of us is guilty of being very absorbed in our work and nearly everyone struggles to maintain family priorities, vacations, fitness and health and a variety of hobbies. We think you'll enjoy getting to know the people you share our industry with.

  • Hot Topics

    "Hot Topics" uncovers issues and news in our industry that we should be thinking seriously about, reflecting on. Topics, that are important, but that can get shoved aside in the frantic pace of any business day. These are subjects we should all be thinking about and debating. If you have as topic or subject you think we should cover please give us a shout.

  • Industry Thought Leaders

    Our "Thought Leaders" section is focused on industry trends and developments that signal important shifts and needs in the industry. We invite authentic Industry Thought Leaders to share their insights and experience so that we might all be more informed and thoughtful. If you would like to nominate an Industry Thought Leader for this forum, please contact us.