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As a C-Suite executive, business owner or professional providing guidance to your clients, you need accuratefast and reliable answers in an affordable, easy to use system. Our database is easy to use, reliable and updated daily to ensure your pharmacy, or client is protected. We are the leading provider of pharmacy regulatory intelligence. Find out why attorneys from across the U.S. and more than 30,000 pharmacies choose Bula.


All 50 States? Covered. Done.

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Drowning under regulations? Catch your breath with us.


About Us

Understanding regulatory compliance and its impact on pharmacy, healthcare, and clinical operations has never been more complex.  Bula makes it simple. 

We track pharmacy bills, regulations, rules and policies in all 50 states and notify you with actionable intelligence of any changes that could potentially impact you.  Our clients trust us to help them stay current in a simple and effective way so they can effectively anticipate and navigate changes in regulation, evaluate and manage risk, stay in compliance, avoid large fines, and preserve customer trust.

Bula’s one-of-a-kind service lets you know what changes are coming, how these changes could impact your business, and when you must be ready to implement new procedures to comply with these changes.

We provide BulaBrief Alerts directly to your inbox as well as frequently asked question modules, a searchable database of laws, policy and procedure templates, and other solutions to help you stay ahead of regulatory changes, understand compliance risks, and manage your business effectively and profitably. Bula cares.


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