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Judge approves $200 million settlement over meningitis outbreak

Mandatory vaccine bill sparks protests in California

FDA approves 1st biosimilar drug

More parents pressuring doctors to delay vaccines

CBS News poll on vaccines and the measles outbreak

Lawmakers Introduce “Vaccines Save Lives” Resolution.

Bay Area BART commuters exposed to measles

CDC "very concerned" about potential for large measles outbreak

Measles outbreak underscores vaccination debate

Arrests in compounding pharmacy meningitis outbreak

The Salk polio vaccine: A medical miracle turns 60

FDA approves new, hard-to-abuse hydrocodone pill

Ex-employee of pharmacy linked to deadly meningitis outbreak arrested

Ebola outbreak: "It's even worse than I'd feared'

Ebola cases appear in DR Congo; doctor given promising drug dies in Liberia

U.S. tightens access to Vicodin, other narcotic painkillers

Hospital operator reveals cyberattack on patient records

CDC issues Level 3 Travel Warning after West Africa Ebola outbreak worsens

Feds charge FedEx with assisting illegal pharmacies

Update on findings in the FDA cold storage area on the NIH campus

FDA proposes drug industry social media guidelines

Whooping cough reaches epidemic level in California

More than 29 Million Americans have diabetes

How one unvaccinated child sparked Minnesota measles outbreak

Measles cases in the United States reach 20-year high

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS)

Health, United States, 2013 includes special section on prescription drugs

Report: 20-year US immunization program spares millions of children from diseases

CDC study concludes flu vaccination prevents hospitalizations in older people

CDS EIS Conference: Prescription drug overdose presentation schedule

Report: 20-year US immunization program spares millions of children from diseases

Settlement seeks $100 million fund for meningitis outbreak victims

Researchers uncover clues to deadly 1918 flu pandemic

FDA approves new drug for stomach cancer.

Nearly 10 percent of U.S. adults now have diabetes.

Millions of dollars wasted on flu drug Tamiflu

Ohio mumps outbreak continues to grow

Some batches of generic Lipitor recalled by Indian drugmaker in latest quality blow

Does your doctor have ties to big pharma?

Pro-vaccination efforts, debunking autism myths may be scaring wary parents from shots

US Suit Against Novartis Alleges Kickbacks To Pharmacies

Study: Lax attitude on teens and Rx drug abuse

Two More Compounding Pharmacies Recall Drugs Over Infection Fears

In a first, NYPD plans to ask pharmacies to stock GPS pill bottles to track thieves

Pioneer of Canadian Internet pharmacy industry jailed for 4 years in U.S.

DOJ official wants trustee in Mass. pharmacy case

Owner of meningitis-linked pharmacy takes Fifth

Doc Shortage Could Crash Health Care

Meningitis Hearings Set for This Week

British Journal: No evidence Tamiflu works

Mass. pharmacy board head fired after meningitis outbreak

Fungal Meningitis Risk Period Over But Threat Remains

U.S. sues Novartis over kickbacks, second case this week

Large study finds no vaccine link to nerve disorder

Walgreen Clinics Expand Care Into Chronic Illness

Analysis: Private equity funds rapid growth of walk-in clinics

Massachusetts governor seeks tighter rules on compounding pharmacies

U.S. court voids drug rep's conviction, cites free speech

Ohio mumps outbreak continues to grow

Ranbaxy Recalls Generic Lipitor Doses

More parents pressuring doctors to delay vaccines

More parents pressuring doctors to delay vaccines



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